Marketing Excellence

Building excellence in your marketing function

Is your marketing team well-positioned to drive brand growth?

美洲杯竞猜 In an era of integrated and personalized marketing, our global consulting group, Kantar Vermeer, learned from its global Marketing2020 study that building capability and equipping teams for growth are the biggest growth drivers, with high correlation to revenue growth, brand health and marketing ROI.

Our Excellence Practice identifies the critical marketing capabilities you need to deliver on your business strategy. We then asses your current capability to see what’s already working well within your marketing function, and determine what capabilities are needed to grow. We’ll work with you to structure and embed your “way of marketing” throughout the organization to create a shared identity, and to hardwire adaptation and differentiation.

Kantar Vermeer will design a total learning experience that is practical and accessible at different touchpoints, whether working on actual business tasks or providing “moment of need” learning, all of which are critical building blocks for today’s millennial workforce. Our capability solutions are tailored to each organization’s needs and biorhythms, creating impact and sustainability throughout the learning journey.

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