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Drive brand growth with agile intelligence

Are you getting the brand insights you need, when you need them?

美洲杯竞猜 Knowing how, when and where to activate your brand has never been more important, more urgent or more possible in today’s technology and data-driven world.

Our brand guidance systems provide the actionable insights you need for your business, when you need them.

We intelligently integrate validated survey measures with social, search, sales, media, behavioural data and more, to create a lean tracking programme (Brand Pulse) that provides fast, early warning indicators to help you course-correct. We complement this with on-demand, deep-dive modules so you can respond quickly to challenges and optimise your brand and campaigns.

Brand Pulse provides the continuous, brand and campaign measurement showing where your brand is now, and early indications of where it is heading. It is flexible, affordable and streamlined, integrating search, social and digital exposure data with responsive survey measures in an interactive dashboard.

Why work with us?

  • Robust KPIs, based on the Meaningfully Different framework, validated to business performance
  • Globally scalable with insights available via an interactive dashboard
  • Tailored to your specific needs so you can optimise your brand and campaigns
  • Our analytics experts connect data sources to provide clear and actionable direction
  • Advice and learnings from leading brand and communications experts

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It’s an extraordinary world, moving faster than ever. Brands need to answer more questions and respond more quickly.

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