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Make fast, smart campaign investment decisions

Is your creative performing in-market?

美洲杯竞猜 Ad Now measures in-market performance of your ads, and competitor ads, across multiple channels. It provides quick, cost-effective insight to help you optimise your creative mix while still live. It tells you how well your ads create lasting memories and which will generate most ROI to help you make more confident investment decisions.

Use Ad Now to

  • Find out which of your ads will generate maximum ROI
  • Optimise investment while your ads are in-market
  • Understand what channels and creative work best to inform future campaigns
  • Identify competitive threats to quickly take action

Why Ad Now?

  • A quick, cost-efficient way to monitor multiple ads across media channels
  • Advice from world-leading creative experts
  • Consistent measurement across media to inform smart investment decisions
  • An understanding of what mix of ads and media will generate maximum ROI

Ad Now is available on Kantar Marketplace, self-serve or with service, where one of our experts sets the project up for you and takes you through the results.

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